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Breakfast with Gov Hutchinson, CAR General Council

Gov Hutchinson, CAR General Council, gave a great review of new laws in 2015 affecting the real estate industry. The good news….no major changes for landlords at the moment, just a few minor ones. Here’s one regarding what’s the landlord’s responsibility regarding the installation of  electric charging stations: Landlords must allow for installation of electric […]

Property management in Long Beach

Bryant Hull, owner of the Real Property Management office serving Orange County with  Miles Williams. Miles recently opened the new Real Property Management office in Long Beach. For Property Management in Long Beach, give us a call

43% More to Sell Orange County Homes

Below is a post regarding the increasing inventory of homes in the Orange County Market. As this market continues to evolve I predict another drop in housing prices during the winter of this year and early next year. The time to buy, in my opinion is not now, not while inventory is rising. Hold off […]

It’s just a rental…

Orange County Property Management can be different than other regions. Renters have higher expectations, incomes are higher, and in general the level of education is fairly high. We receive properties in varying conditions, some are spotless and pristine while others are… well undesirable in every way. When preparing your property for rent, if you want market […]

Huntington Beach REMax Chili Cookoff!!!

Every year Stuart, the Broker from the local Huntington Beach ReMax, puts on a chili cook-off. They had a live country band, and plenty of chili, chocolate chip cookies, hotdogs, and drinks. RE Agents, title reps, loan officers, movers, and other vendors all came together to taste and judge about 20 different chili recipes.There were […]

Biggest Rent Decline since 1940!

I read an interesting article about rents in SoCal. It says that we have seen the biggest rent decline since the 1940s. Pretty amazing. To offset these losses property owners should hire a a competent property management company. http://lansner.ocregister.com/2010/07/16/biggest-socal-rent-decline-since-1940/73053/ If you own property in Huntington Beach there is only one Huntington Beach property management company that you […]

Deals being found in the Orange County Apartment Market

By JEFF COLLINS THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER Irwin “Tres” Trester spent more than a year looking for income property before buying a four-plex in Huntington Beach. “The advantage I was looking for was cash flow. … Going from a (rental) house to a multi-familyseemed like the right way to go,” he said. “And the place to go […]

An Orange County Property Management CO

Many first-time-landlords are not sure who to turn to when they take on the task of managing an income property in Orange County. For those planning on hiring someone to manage their newly acquired asset this article will discuss some of the ins and outs of picking a competent Orange County property Whether it is a […]

Rents Falling in Orange County

The economy has totally collapsed the property rent markets with no sight of a raise. People simply do not have money to rent property at prices that landlords were able to command just over a year ago. Many renters are moving in with parents, relatives, or doubling up with roommates. Apartment vacancy rates are increasing. […]