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RPM Coast Supports ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Probably the best ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video to date: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mmax3yEZX58&feature=youtu.be The Employees of RPM Coast would like to nominate their bosses: Bryant Hull and Kyle Thompson. You have until Monday to accept the ice bucket challenge AND donate $100 each to ALS research.

Why Renting Is Better Than Buying in Orange County, CA

In a recent article posted by the LA times, Orange County is the 3rd-priciest housing market in the U.S. Qualifying for a mortgage on a median-priced home in Orange County with a 20% down payment would require a household income to be $131.168, the report estimates; with 5% down, it would require $155,762. Adding to the […]

The Importance of Quarterly Inspections

Real Property Management offers an array of services to our clients but our most popular one is quickly becoming our detailed quarterly inspections. Our inspections benefit both the homeowner and the tenant. During these inspections we look for deferred maintenance items (leaks, mold etc.) as well as the overall condition of the home. We want […]