Avoid Your Costliest Mistake Ever.

Choosing the wrong property manager can cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

Home and Condo Pricing (See Apartment Pricing Below)

  • Lease Only
  • 6%
    of 1 year’s lease
  • Landlords that need renters.
  • Lease Only Includes: Advertising, showing and finding a tenant. We find you a tenant and you manage the rest.
  • Full Management (Most Popular)
  • 6.9%
    of monthly rent
  • Best fit for most property owners.
  • Full Property Management includes: Move-in and move-out services, advertising, rent collection, monthly statements, maintenance coordination, 24/7 emergency response, posting of notices, evictions, and more.
  • Full Management Plus
  • 8.9%
    of monthly rent
  • Our premier service.
  • Full Management Plus includes the Full Management and the following: video advertising campaign ($200), eviction costs included ($800-1000), and a minimum of two inspections annually ($110)

“Our pricing is simple and straightforward see for yourself”

– Kyle Thompson – Co-Owner